Hints and Tips

Economical User Tips

To help your air conditioner perform at its best, keep appropriate windows and doors closed. Close curtains during hot summer days and cold winter nights. It is often quoted that 23° is the acceptable temperature for all-round comfort, but it is not necessary to adhere to this figure. It is found that 24-25°C in summer and 17-19°C in winter is comfortable and also saves electricity. You can save considerably on the amount of energy consumed for each 1°C of cooling or heating that you do without.

Care for your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning maintenance is just one simple fortnightly operation. Because the air filter in any air conditioner screens out dust and pollen particles, it should be removed regularly and washed. This simple operation is covered in the individual unit's instruction manual.
Creative Air Conditioning offers preventative maintenance with pre-winter and pre-summer service to ensure continued peak performance of your air conditioning system.

Where to Locate your Air Conditioning

To ensure optimum performance - single package units or the outdoor section of split systems should have adequate ventilation and if possible, placed in a shady area.
Direct sunshine and restriction of the air access will reduce the air conditioners performance.
Adequate clearance from obstructions is essential to ensure that exhaust air is not re-circulated back through the outdoor coil.
Your Creative Air Conditioning Engineer will advise on the most suitable locations.


3 phase and 1 phase equipment is available in our ducting range. 3 phase power conversions will cost around $1,600.00 plus GST and reduce the power surge associated with single phase systems when the dimming of house lighting may occur for a fraction of a second during start up.
Consult our engineers to explain the pros and cons of this further.